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ByteLaunch is an award-winning creative, mobile and digital marketing agency in Irvine, California. We leverage our team’s creative energy, technical expertise and indefatigable passion for helping brands use technology to connect with consumers and grow their business.



How well do your website and creative assets represent your brand? Our design team specializes in creating meaningful, interactive and engaging digital online experiences that tell a brand's story and captures the imagination of users.

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We help brands connect with consumers through mobile devices and emerging technologies. Our diverse team allows us to openly collaborate and foster awesomely innovative ideas for brands. From custom mobile apps to interactive kiosks to game design - we have you covered.

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As a digital marketing agency, we align communications technologies and digital trends with business goals to produce ROI-driven marketing strategies. We help brands create awareness, drive leads and generate sales through online search, paid advertising and social media.

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The ByteLaunch team are creative in their thinking and understands the digital space without a lot of fluff. They are proactive, creative, and trustworthy. And have become very much a part of our global Marketing Communications team.

Roberta Smigel Clarient, Inc.
GE Healthcare Company
Aliso Viejo, CA

Why Should Businesses Care About Graphic Design?

When you open a website or an app, what do you do first? Look at it! Not only are we part of an enormously visual age, seeing is our primary means of processing the information around us. As a result, graphic design plays a huge role in business a...

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How Much Money Are You Losing by Not Having a Mobile App?

Let’s face it - a large majority of us favor our smart phones, tablets, and phablets over using a desktop computer. You’re not alone! Today, mobile device use already exceeds that of desktops and, as per Steve Jobs’s prediction, tablet sales...

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Why SEOs Are Abandoning Scraped Rankings for Average Position Instead

At its core, SEO has always been about improving the ranking position of a website in the search results in order to drive qualified, organic web traffic. As a result, SEOs have traditionally relied heavily on keyword rankings to measure the effectiv...

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Build Your Business Through Social Media in 2015 [SLIDESHARE]

Slideshare: Build Your Business Through Social Media in 2015 from ByteLaunch Prezi presentation is also available here Presentation Summary: Social media isn't a fad. It's a global change in communications and human behavior. As a brand, you hav...

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