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Understanding Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Many people know about virtual reality and augmented reality, but what’s the difference? The major similarityUnderstanding Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality between augmented and virtual reality is that they both have the ability to alter our perception of the world. Where they show their differences is how the alteration of our perception is presented to us. Here are the differences between virtual and augmented reality and what they have in store for the future.


Virtual Reality

 Virtual reality is an artificial, computer-generated recreation of real life. It makes the user feel like they are experiencing a real-life event first hand. It immerses them in the experience by stimulation of their vision and hearing. Typically, virtual reality is done by wearing a headset. The headset creates and enhances an imaginary reality for things like games and entertainment. The headset can also be used to enhance real life environments by creating a simulation. All of this is made possible through coding language known as virtual reality modeling language. This coding is used to create a series of images and to specify which types of interactions are possible for them.


Augmented Reality

Alternatively, augmented reality consists of layers of computer-generated enhancements on top of existing reality. It is meant to make existing reality more meaningful. Augmented reality is integrated into apps and used on mobile devices to intertwine virtual elements with the real world. This way they interact with each other, but can easily be told apart. Augmented reality is used in games such as Pokémon Go and other things like sports events to add 3D images.


What’s the Difference

The main difference between virtual reality and augmented reality is that with virtual reality you can completely immerse yourself into another environment, while with augmented reality you can just add virtual effects to what’s already there. Basically, virtual reality is more immersive and augmented reality provides more freedom.


What’s Next

Virtual reality and augmented reality continue to break through the walls of the imagination. Just how far can they go, and what’s in store for the future? Virtual reality has been primarily used for gaming and entertainment. The future of virtual reality is that it will be integrated into every aspect of our lives.

Instead of flying around the world, you can see the world with virtual reality. Instead of seeing movies, you can be integrated into them. Instead of flying to business conferences, you can hold virtual meetings. The possibilities of virtual reality are endless and will continue to grow and expand. The future of augmented reality is that it will be integrated into our lives through our phones. Augmented reality would enhance our life experiences.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are opening doors to a whole new way of life. They both offer their own unique qualities. Virtual reality can immerse you into any environment while augmented reality can alter your current environment and add virtual effects. The two of these combined can make for some really exciting creations in the future.