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Game Developers 

Wanting to create a cross -platform game you can launch and promote in the game app market? ByteLaunch has is experienced in game development and can help you bring your idea to fruition.

Experienced Game Developers

Cross-Platform Mobile Game Design and Development Services

It used to be that only large corporations with multi-million dollar budgets could break into the video game industry. However, as digital media and technology have advanced, the opportunity to create engaging 2D and 3D game applications is now available to anyone with a great idea!

At ByteLaunch, we believe that great games begin and end with providing users a great interactive experience. Our unique approach to game design and development relies on a proven process that allows us to clearly identify project goals, develop a winning strategy, create engaging and unique design components and build a fully functional, bug-free application.

Our team is experience using the Unity 3D game engine, which allows us to create highly engaging and visually stunning 3D games for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices.

Whether you’re a non-profit or large corporation trying to build a simple 3D game or the next Candy Crush, we are your mobile app game partner with the experience to make your vision come to life.

To learn more or request a quote for mobile game design and development, call us at (949) 274-9878 or fill out our Contact Form to have someone from our team reach out to you.

Why Make Android Apps?

In 2016, Google’s Android platform reached nearly 1.4 billion users as compared to Apple’s 500 million iOS users. Android’s lead in market share gives app developers an incredible opportunity to reach an enormous market.

Of course, as the Android market grows, so does the need to design Android apps that are truly unique and provide a quality user-experience – this being an area we’re proud to be experts in.

Want to see some of our Android mobile app designs? Browse our work or contact us to request more information.

Our Process
Building apps can be tricky. In addition to pushing the limits on app design and functionality, a reputable app developer needs to have a well defined process. Over the last 10 years, we've perfected our process to bring the highest customer satisfaction when creating a mobile app.


Every successful app begins with defining project goals and business requirements.


Next, we define app functionality through user stories and wireframes.


The user interface and app screens are created based on the defined requirements and goals.


We make functional prototypes and build the app to spec.

How much does an App Cost?

We’re not your average app developers. We put our heart and soul into building awe-inspiring enterprise-level apps using a proven methodology (see above). Although the cost to build a mobile application depends on several factors, including complexity and functionality, we find that native apps will start around $10,000. We've built apps for less, but we've also created apps for much more.

For pricing or more information, please contact us at (949) 274-9878.

Experience you can trust
Roberta Smigel
GE Heathcare

The ByteLaunch team are creative in their thinking and understands the digital space without a lot of fluff. They are proactive, creative, and trustworthy. And have become very much a part of our global Marketing Communications team.

Michael Kushner
Kushner Carlson, PC
Founding Partner

I’ve relied upon ByteLaunch to provide a myriad of services to my law firm for several years now, and each year they become more indispensable. The professionals at ByteLaunch are responsive, knowledgeable, innovative, and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone.

Charlie Q
Charlie Q Force, Inc.

Their intuition is absolutely incredible; ByteLaunch was able to capture my personality and vision for my website as if they had known me forever. They are fast, efficient and so easy to work with. Their turnaround time is also amazing. I would recommend them to anyone, especially fellow artists and those in creative industries. I adore my website!

Vanessa Wada
Seki Edge, a Jatai International Company
Internet Marketing Specialist

We chose ByteLaunch because they took the time to care about our small business. When searching for an SEO company to work with, we found that ByteLaunch was affordable, knowledgeable, good with communication and the people involved were personable. Over time we noticed an increase in rankings, traffic and sales. They have always been willing to support us in any way.

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