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A/B Testing
Make and test incremental changes to your website or marketing strategy to yield the results your business needs.
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What is A/B Testing?

Also referred to as split testing or bucket testing, A/B testing is a technique that involves comparing two styles of a particular application or website in order to make a determination about which one is the better performer. Through A/B testing, you will be able to ask concentrated queries regarding changes to the app or website, and a consequential collection of data when it comes to the impact of changes made. A/B testing can consistently be utilized to improve a particular online or mobile experience.

A/B testing is a vital part of conversion optimization. It is about making recommendations to web pages and testing the effectiveness of the change in order to convert visitors to clients and consequently, increasing customer loyalty and profit.

Based in Orange County, ByteLaunch can help you when it comes to utilizing A/B testing in your website or application.

How ByteLaunch Utilizes A/B Testing

When running A/B testing, ByteLaunch in Orange County utilizes the following framework:

1. Data Collection

The analytics from testing will oftentimes give insight as to where one can begin optimizing.

2. Goal Identification

Ranging from linking product purchases to membership subscriptions, your conversion goals are the metrics in which you determine whether the changes you made to your website or application is proving to be more successful that the previous version.

3. Hypothesis Generation

Once goals are identified, ideas and hypotheses can then be tested. Ideas can be listed and then prioritized when it comes to implementation challenges and expected impact.

4. Variation Creation

Desired changes are then integrated into the website or application. Changes can range anywhere from a total overhaul to simply changing the color of a button.

5. Experimentation

Experiment on the website or application and wait for users to visit and participate. Interactions are then measured and compared to make a determination when it comes to performance.

6. Result Analysis

After experimentation, results are analyzed. Utilizing an A/B testing software allows us to determine if there is a statistically significant difference between variations created.

Our Process
Take the magic out of marketing. A well-defined process will establish a solid foundation and produce measurable results. Our internet marketing approach fine-tunes and optimizes client campaigns for measurable and long-term ROI.


Define the goals of the company. Research customers. Analyze competitors.


Create customized internet marketing campaigns. Define conversion metrics for each campaign.


Build the campaign, and let it run!


Analyze the results. Measure the success. Optimize and begin again.

Experience you can trust
Roberta Smigel
GE Heathcare

The ByteLaunch team are creative in their thinking and understands the digital space without a lot of fluff. They are proactive, creative, and trustworthy. And have become very much a part of our global Marketing Communications team.

Michael Kushner
Kushner Carlson, PC
Founding Partner

I’ve relied upon ByteLaunch to provide a myriad of services to my law firm for several years now, and each year they become more indispensable. The professionals at ByteLaunch are responsive, knowledgeable, innovative, and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone.

Charlie Q
Charlie Q Force, Inc.

Their intuition is absolutely incredible; ByteLaunch was able to capture my personality and vision for my website as if they had known me forever. They are fast, efficient and so easy to work with. Their turnaround time is also amazing. I would recommend them to anyone, especially fellow artists and those in creative industries. I adore my website!

Vanessa Wada
Seki Edge, a Jatai International Company
Internet Marketing Specialist

We chose ByteLaunch because they took the time to care about our small business. When searching for an SEO company to work with, we found that ByteLaunch was affordable, knowledgeable, good with communication and the people involved were personable. Over time we noticed an increase in rankings, traffic and sales. They have always been willing to support us in any way.

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