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Web Development

Web development is an umbrella term for all of the aspects that go into creating and developing a website. This includes a wide variety of parts from the actual programming of a website, to the service that the website offers. However, overall web development encompasses two main parts; a server side and a client side development.

The server side is more heavily focused on programming, or work that is behind the scenes. This is the end that the user doesn’t typically experience. The server side includes a series of codes that enable the server itself to run, such as source code required for a website to render.

Some examples of server-side development might include:

  • Form validation by the server after the form has been submitted
  • XML and/or JSON string generation required for asynchronous client-side calls (like AJAX)
  • The creation and usage of database objects (such as MySQL)

Then there is the client side development, which is what the end user sees or experiences including any changes or pieces of development that takes place after the web page has loaded. The client side renders the source code the server generates, and provides a simplified user experience in terms of aesthetics and interaction.

Some examples of client-side development might include:

  • Page structure and layout (HTML)
  • Page styling and design (CSS)
  • Custom interactivity (JavaScript)
  • Form validation prior to submitting the form

How Can ByteLaunch Help?

The importance of creating high quality web development for your website is to improve both the backend of a website, and the experience of the user. A well developed server and client side will ensure a successful website with higher traffic and increased user engagement.

ByteLaunch can accomplish this for you.

By contacting one of our consultants for a free no obligation website analysis we can help you prepare your website. ByteLaunch aims to create the best experience for its users. Through the work of experienced web developers, ByteLaunch ensures efficient and reliable results.